Intellicyt iQue Screener PLUS Cell Analyzer

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The Intellicyt iQue Screener PLUS platform is an integrated instrument, software and reagent system that enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension. When speed is a factor or when cells are precious or limited in number this user-friendly system excels. Our unique, software assisted automation and experiment-based analyses deliver the deep insight needed to answer complex biological questions. 


  • Fluorescence Sensitivity: FITC < 75 MESF; PE < 50 MESF; APC < 20 MESF
  • Minimum Particle Size Detection: 0.5 µm
  • Cell Detection Rate: Up to 35,000/second
  • Dynamic Range of Detection:  > 7 Decades 
  • Plate Compatibility: 96-well, 384-well or 384-well, 1536-well (iQue Screener PLUS HD BR) 
  • Sampling: Continuous Air-gap Delimited
  • Minimum Assay Volume Requirements: 10 µL
  • Minimum Sample Aspiration: 1 µLMinimum Plate Sampling Time: 
      • < 5 minutes / 96 wells
      • < 20 minutes / 384 wells
  • Carryover: < 2% for typical no-wash assays. Actual amounts are cell and assay dependent and are easily managed by including interwell rinses to reduce carryover to < 0.1%
  • Automated Plate Shaker: Up to 3,000 RPM (Up to 5000 RPM on IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS HD BR)
  • Computer Workstation, Windows Compatible: Xeon Processor, Dual 256 GB SSD (RAID 0), 16GB RAM, 27” Monitor 2560 x 1400
  • Weight (less computer):  205 lbs, 93 kg
  • Dimensions: 39” W x 25” D x 26″ H • 99 cm W x 63 cm D x 66 cm H
  • Power Requirements: 100/115/230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Environment Requirements: Temperature; 15–32°C (59–90°F), Relative Humidity: 80% Maximum

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