Jeio Tech GC *NEW* Environmental Chamber

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  • General control system
  • 5℃to 50℃(lamp off) / 10℃to 50℃. (lamp on)
  • Max. to 35,000Lux for GC-1000.
  • Max. to 20,000Lux for GC-300 Models.
  • 40 to 80% RH for GC-300TLH. (at 20 to 35℃)
  • 50 to 90% RH for GC-1000TLH. (at 20 to 35℃)
  • Max. 5,000ppm CO2 on/off system. (optional)
  • Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • 10 step programmable temperature, humidity, and illumination profiles and repeatable steps of up to 999 cycles.
  • Illuminance control system
  • Uniformed luminescence distribution.
  • Broad distribution of side lamps for hastening the growth of plants.
  • High intensity illumination of upper lamp for light efficient and low thermal load. (for GC-1000TLH/1000TL)
  • Unique construction for minimization of heat increase from surrounding lamps.
  • Tempered glass door blocks heated air from lamps.
  • Designed to exhaust heated air through upper vent holes. (for GC-1000TLH)
  • Stable and long lasting lighting through introduction of high frequency electronic ballast lamps.

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