Jeio Tech TH3-KE *NEW* Environmental Chamber

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Optimized Model Configuration

  • 3 series (KE, ME, PE) according to temperature / temperature and humidity control range.
  • TH3-KE; -35 – 150°C
  • TH3-ME; -20 – 150°C
  • TH3-PE; 0 – 120°C
  • Standard type Temp. & Humid chamber for selecting the optimized model according to test conditions.
  • Dedicated stand for convenient use and moving.(option)
  • Recorder for maintaining test records. (option)

Structural functional features

  • Proven reproducibility and reliability with structural design optimized for miniaturization.
  • Compact design for excellent space saving.
  • Stable humidity control ability with applying differentiated external humidification system and convenient maintenance for cleaning testing space.
  • Excellent thermal insulation and sealing to ensure stable temperature and humidity reproducibility even for repeated test use.
  • The door part has a double sealing structure and excellent airtightness.

Use Convenience Features

  • Convenient operation with 5.6 inch color touch display controller.
  • Possible to check the operation status with graphs.
  • Water level check function enables water replenishment at the right time.
  • Water inlet is easy to use with easy cap.
  • Efficient water supply and recirculation system minimizes water refilling even for long-term high-humidity tests.
  • Operation and status monitoring from the front of the chamber.
  • Easy observation of samples with tempered glass door with built in heating wire and LED lamp.
  • By displaying the operation status of the device with LED colors, convenient to identify chambers status from a far.
  • The cable port and silicone plug included as standard make it convenient to connect external equipment.
  • Easy to clean as it is easy to remove refrigerator condenser grill, making it convenient to maintain efficiency of refrigeration.

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