Lindberg/ Blue M RWB3220A-1 Refrigerated Circulating Waterbath

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a reversible stainless steel rack that reduces working depth by 2″, two 5-ft lengths of 304 stainless steel tubing (to connect chilling module with warming module), and four tubing clamps. The 120VAC model has two 6-ft cords, each with three-prong plug (o

Digital display simultaneously reads set point and actual temperature for easy reference. High-strength stainless steel cabinets and industrial-grade controls withstand the most critical laboratory environments.

Two independent overtemperature safety features protect your critical processes. The adjustable control interrupts the heating cycle at the user-set limit, flashes a visual warning, and automatically resets. The fixed control feature shuts off the bath at the factory-set safety temperature of 105°C and requires a manual push-button reset.

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