Mettler Toledo PR5002 Analytical Balance

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PR/SR balances are high-quality precision balances with readabilities from 1 mg to

1 g. The weighing ranges span 200 g to 8 kg in the case of the compact PR models.

For the SR models with detachable terminals, the ranges span 8 kg to 64 kg. Thanks

to their numerous functions, PR/SR balances can not only be used for weight

determination. You can employ your balance in a wide range of weighing applications in a simple fashion with unmistakable documentation of the measurement



The most important features

    • Fully automatic and/or time-controlled self-calibration (adjustment) proFACT: proFACT assures the high accuracy of your weighing results at all times, even under changing ambient conditions.
  • Simple operation with the SmartBar key field: With the SmartBar you always have precisely those functions you need for your

current weighing task.

  • Result recording conforming to GLP: Thanks to the alphanumeric input possibility offered by the SmartBar and the corresponding display, you can provide results with a freely selected name as well as the current date and time to identify them unambiguously. Each

adjustment and each test of the balance can also be automatically recorded.

  • Graphic display of the METTLER DeltaTrac: This easily readable analog display supports you in weighing-in and in weight checks.
  • Built-in LocalCAN universal interface: LocalCAN not only allows you to attach a printer or computer with an RS-232C interface or an auxiliary display and a bar-code reader, but all these peripherals at the same time. You can thus expand your balance when required to a convenient weighing station.


  • Readability: 0.01 g
  • Max. capacity: 5100 g
  • Taring range (by subtraction): 0…5100 g
  • Repeatability (s): 0.005 g
  • Linearity1): ±0.02 g
  • Stabilization time (typical): 1…2 s
  • Calibration: Fully automatic and/or time-controlled self-calibration proFACT, manual initiation possible;test possibility for check on the sensitivity
  • with internal weight
  • with external weights
  • (recommended value): ≥ 2000 g
  • Sensitivity:
  • Temperature drift 1) 2): ±3 ppm/°C
  • Long-term stability 1) 3): ±0.0015 %
  • Size of weighing pan: 165 x 165 mm
  • All-purpose draft shield: Optional
  • High glass draft shield: Optional
  • Size of weighing pan: 165 x 165 mm
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 200 x 385 x 90 mm (incl. terminal)
  • Net weight: 6.3 kg
  • Power supply: separate

1)In the temperature range 10 … 30 °C

2)1 ppm = 1/1 000 000 (referred to the current weight display)

3)Sensitivity deviation/year after first-time startup with self-calibration proFACT switched on

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