Microm 355S Microtome Cryostat

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The Thermo Scientific Rotary Microtome Microm HM355S is a universal heavy duty microtome specially designed for sophisticated paraffin and hard sectioning techniques in biology, medicine, industry and research. The HM355S sets new ergonomic standards concerning operation and comfort. The instrument is equipped with a section waste tray with integrated armrest. The waste tray is built around and under the knife/ blade carrier for direct collection of section waste. This model can be equipped with all compatible specimen clamps, knife and blade holders (see Additional Equipment) of the Rotary Microtome series. In addition, the stereomicroscope or the large field magnifier can be adapted. The HM355S will cut sections in a range from 0,5 µm up to 100 µm. For the protection of the knife and specimen, the instrument retracts the specimen at the end of the cut. If desired, the function can be turned off. A trimming function with defined steps from 5 µm to 500 µm permits the fine adjustment up to the first cuts and results in larger section thicknesses when trimming.

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