MJ Research DNA Tetrad 2 / PTC-240 DNA Analyzer

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The DNA Engine Tetrad 2 thermal cycler is a four-bay thermal cycler ideal for high-throughput research and production environments. The Tetrad 2 thermal cycler is an updated version of the cycler which powered the Human Genome Project.


  • High-throughput cycling in a compact footprint
  • Intuitive graphical interface for rapid input of protocols and easy file management
  • Interchangeable Alpha units with adjustable heated lids that accommodate a wide range of reaction vessels and sealing options
  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity for consistent results
  • Real-time displays of block and lid temperatures provide quality assurance that the thermal cycler is performing as directed
  • Software features, such as error tracking logs, run tracking files, and file management tools, offer valuable information for high-throughput runs

Alpha unit modules are available in several formats, including:

  • Gradient-enabled 96-well unit that allows simultaneous incubation at 8 different temperatures to optimize reactions in a single run
  • Dual 48/48-well unit that allows 2 independent experiments to run simultaneously
  • High-throughput 384-well unit

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