MVE Cryogenics 810 Eterne F Cryo Storage Tank

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• The offset neck and guaranteed free moving sample turn tray offer incredible user convenience and sample access. The
single sample retrieval point is incredibly ergonomic compared to the reaching and stretching required with standard freezers.
• Specifically designed for vapor storage.
• Efficient thermal design ensures 95% of system surface area enclosed by vacuum – compare to typical 60% in standard freezers.
• Lowest sample temperature in the industry with minus 190°C. This ensures an increased safety margin below the Glass Transition Temperature and
better long term sample viability in true vapor storage.
• Lowest liquid usage – typically 40% below equivalent standard tanks of similar capacity. Note that NER’s for competitive tanks are calculated before
the addition of the vapor sleeve, which will increase consumption of LN2 by 50% or more.


  • LN2 Capacity (Liters): 370
  • LN2 Capacity Under Platform (L): 52
  • Neck Opening (Inches): 12.5
  • Useable Internal Height (Inches): 28.8
  • Inner Diameter (Inches): 28.5
  • Overall Height (Inches): 47.3
  • Outer Diameter (Inches): 32
  • Weight Empty (Lbs.): 475

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