Napco 5400 CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator

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Dual IR stacked water-jacketed CO2 incubator. Microprocessor control maintains and displays temperature and CO2 levels with exceptional precision, stability & uniformity. Patented recovery system with internal air heater and fan restores set-point conditions up to 3 times faster than conventional water-jacketed CO2 incubators. Insulated triple-wall construction and low-power heater in the outer doors keep thermal loss to a minimum while minimizing condensation on the inner glass doors.



  • Chamber Volume: 5.4 cubic feet
  • Internal Dimensions: 43.9 x 44.5 x 63.5 cm
  • CO2 Range: 0 – 20%
  • Temperature Uniformity: +/- 0.25°C
  • External Dimensions: 68.6 x 62.3 x 85.7 cm
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 50/60Hz, 9.4A. 1100W



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