Nikon Diaphot 300 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

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The Nikon Diaphot 300 Inverted Microscope is a versatile and high-performance instrument designed for advanced microscopy applications. With its inverted design, this microscope allows for observing samples from below, making it ideal for examining living cells, tissue cultures, and other transparent specimens. Equipped with a powerful illumination system and a range of objective lenses, the Diaphot 300 offers exceptional image quality and resolution. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable and efficient operation, while its modular construction allows for customization and upgrades to meet specific research needs.


  • Nikon light source
  • Olympus SC 35 TYPE12 CAMERA
  • Nikon  PH2 Plan 20/0.40DM 160/1.2 ELWD
  • Nikon  PH2  10/0.30DL  160/0.17  
  • Nikon  PH3  40/0.55LWD  160/0.12  DL
  • Nikon Plan 4/0.13  160/-

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