Nuaire NU-5810 CO2 Incubator

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NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator

The In-VitroCell NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator is expertly crafted to foster optimal cell growth conditions. Equipped with dual decontamination cycles, it ensures precise control over temperature and CO2 levels, bolstered by cutting-edge microprocessor technology. This design meets the highest performance standards and excels in minimizing contamination risks. Its advanced capabilities make it ideal for meticulously storing and preserving gametes and tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature. It provides a reliable and controlled environment essential for modern laboratory demands.


CO2 Control:

  • CO2 Accuracy: ± 0.1%
  • CO2 Control Logic:  Fixed Algorithm/Manual, Environmental Adaptable
  • CO2 Display Resolution: 0.1%
  • CO2 Range:  0.1 to 20%, 5% Default Set Point
  • CO2 Recovery: Up to 5% ± 0.2% / -0.5 in 5 minutes Average
  • CO2 Sensor Type: Infrared (NDIR)


  • Segmented Doors: Optional Set of 4 Inner Doors


  • Access Port Location: Right Side
  • Chamber Air Filter: 99.97% Efficiency @ ≥ 0.3 Micron Capsule Filter Located in Sensor Bay
  • Exterior Door Seal: Magnetic Outer Door Gasket
  • Exterior Material: Cold Rolled 16 & 18 Gauge Steel, Finished in Powder Coated Polyurethane Finish
  • In-line Gas Filters: 99.97% Efficiency @ ≥ 0.3 Micron Disk Filters for Gas & Air Supplies, Disk Filter for CO2 Sensor
  • Inner Doors: One, single or sectional
  • Insulation: High Density Insulation with High “R” Rating
  • Interior Door Seal: Silicone Rubber Gasket
  • Interior Material: Highly Polished Type 304L 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Sample Port Location: Inner Glass Door
  • Shelf Material : Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel Enriched Copper
  • Shelves: 4 Shelves Supplied, 20 Shelves Maximum Capacity

Controls and System Features: 

  • Data Output Features: RS-485, USB, 4-20mA
  • Remote Alarm Terminals: Standard
  • Electrical Configuration: 115V60Hz
  • Power Cord Length Foot (Meter): 8 (2.5)
  • Decontamination Cycle:95°C Humidified Decontamination, 145°C Dry Decontamination Cycle
  • RH Control Method: Water Pan, Convection
  • Chamber Air Circulation Method: Air Pump
  • Chamber Jacket Technology: Air Jacket via Two Axial Fans Drawing Air into Shell
  • Control System:  NuTouch
  • Net Weight lbs (kg): 235 (106)

Temperature Control:

  • Chamber Heater(s) Location: Sides, Bottom, Top and Back of Chamber
  • Door and Perimeter Heater Control Logic:Base Duty Cycle set to chamber temperature Set-Point, Proportional 0-100% [manually adjustable]
  • Temperature Accuracy °C: ± 0.1%
  • Temperature Control : Direct Heat
  • Temperature Control Range: 5°C above ambient (to a 30°C max ambient) to 55°C
  • Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Temperature Recovery: 0.12°C/min. on Average
  • Temperature Sensor Type: Precision Integrated Circuit
  • Temperature Set-Point Range: 5°C to 55°C (37.0°C Default)
  • Temperature Uniformity °C: ± 0.35°C @ 37°C


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