Olympus SZ61 Stereo/Dissecting Microscope

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These stereo microscopes help you remain comfortable with eyepieces that reduce eyestrain, a universal LED stand that provides easy access to your sample, and a Greenough optical system that delivers excellent flatness. High color fidelity and antistatic materials and coatings make these microscopes suitable for routine or advanced life science applications.



  • Observation Method:
    • Simple Polarized Light: Yes
    • Brighfield: Yes
    • Darkfield: Yes
    • Oblique: Yes
  • Zoom:
    • Zoom Ratio: S61: 6.7
    • Magnification Indication: SZ61: 0.67, 1, 2, 3, 4.5
    • Features: Left/right single-shaft horizontal knob. Interpupillary distance high/low magnification stopper incorporated. Lead-free
  • Optics: Greenough Optical System: Yes
  • Focus: Focusing Mechanism: Coarse Focus
  • Focus: Coarse Handle Stroke: 120 mm
  • Observation Tubes:
    • Widefield (FN 22): Binocular & Trinocular
    • Tube Inclination Angle: 450 & 600
    • Trinocular Tube Light Path Selection (Camera : Observation): 0%:100%, 100%:0%
    • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 52–76 mm
  • Stands: Standard Stand: Yes
  • Stands: Optional Bases and Stands:
    • Quad Position LED Transmitted Light Illumination Base: Yes
    • Single Position LED Transmitted Light Illumination Base: Yes
    • Transmitted/Reflected LED Illumination Base: Yes
    • Large Stand: Yes
    • Universal Stand: Yes
  • Dimensions: 194 (W) × 253 (D) × 368 (H) mm (Standard Set Configuration)



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