Photometrics Coolsnap CF Microscope Monochrome Camera

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Primary Applications
• Histology
• DIC microscopy
• Immunofluorescence
• Fixed-cell GFP imaging
• High-resolution time-lapse microscopy

• 20-MHz readout Fast image readout for high-speed focus and image capture
• 1392 x 1040 imaging array
• 4.65 x 4.65-μm pixels
• Interline-transfer, progressive-scan CCD Full resolution in every frame
• Flexible binning and readout Increases light sensitivity while increasing the frame rate
• 12-bit digitization Quantifies bright and dim signals in the same image
• Thermoelectric cooling Increases integration times for higher sensitivity
• C-mount Easily attaches to microscopes, standard lenses, or optical equipment
• Subcompact, fanless design Low profile allows easy setup
• Acquisition software Captures, analyzes, and saves high-resolution images
• PCI interface High-bandwidth, uninterrupted data transfer with no dropped frames
• Precise integration with shutters, filter wheels, etc.
• Compatible with Windows® XP/Vista 32, Mac OS X, and Linux® (kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6.8)

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