Savant SC110-120 Concentrator

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The Savant SC110-120 SpeedVac Concentrator is a highly efficient and versatile laboratory instrument designed for rapid and gentle concentration of samples in various research applications. With its advanced technology, this concentrator utilizes a combination of centrifugal force and vacuum to evaporate solvent from samples, resulting in fast and efficient concentration. The SC110-120 SpeedVac features a spacious chamber that can accommodate a wide range of sample formats, including tubes, microplates, and vials, making it suitable for diverse experimental needs. Equipped with precise temperature control and adjustable vacuum levels, this concentrator offers flexibility and control over the concentration process, ensuring optimal results while minimizing sample loss. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation straightforward, while the built-in safety features protect samples from overheating or over-concentration. The Savant SC110-120 SpeedVac Concentrator is an indispensable tool for laboratories requiring reliable and rapid sample concentration, enabling researchers to achieve higher sample concentrations efficiently and reproducibly.

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