Scientech SL3100D Top Loading Balance

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Dual range model SL3100D possess Scientech’s exclusive Floating Tare feature. This exclusive feature provides low range readability (0.01g) throughout the entire high range capacity (3000g) of the balance. Access Floating Tare with the press of a button and you have ten times more readability anywhere within that high range domain. Standard features include a 6.5 inch stainless steel pan, chemical resistant powder coating, RS232 data interface, and multiple units of measure. SL-Series Multi-Functional balances boost 9 different models with capacities ranging from 400g to 6000g all with feather touch readability to 0.01 gram. SL-400 through the SL-2000 is equipped with a circular 4.5″ diameter stainless steel platform while the SL3000 through the SL-5200D boast a large 6.5 inch diameter platform to hold just about any specimen you’re weighing. When you select one of the Scientech line of balances, you’re selecting “Power Under the Hood” that’s unmatchable. The perfect choice meeting the needs of industrial, laboratory, educational or general weighing applications requiring 0.01 g accuracy. If you need absolute accuracy for your weighing application, then make sure you buy a Scientech Balance. When you’re on a tight budget and need the most balance for the buck, Precision Weighing Balances is your deep discount distributor offering wholesale prices to the public. Scientech balances incorporate real time temperature compensation through their exclusively designed software algorithms. This software corrects every updated weight reading for temperature changes as small as 0.001°C without having to recalibrate the balance. This revolutionary internal software yields accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies. All these complex calculations take place in the background and are totally invisible to the end user. You will never have that nagging doubt again that you should have recalibrated before that last critical weighing. Scientech, an innovator of high quality, precision weighing for over 47 years. All Scientech balances are built 100% in the USA.


Capacity: 1000/3000g (dual range)

Calibration: External

Compatibility: GLP/GMP/ISO

Calibration programs: Automatic

RS232 data interface with: User selectable baud rates up to 19,200

Zero Tracking: Automatic

System Checkout Sequencing: Automatic

Security bracket: Built-in

Indicator: Stability Indicator

Weighing: Live animal weighing, percent weighing, below balance weighing, check weighing

Tracker: Capacity tracker

Control: Microprocessor control

Software: Exclusive real time temperature compensation software

Counting: Parts counting

Filtering: Selectable filtering

Multiple units of: Measure

Floating: TareTM

Ranging: Autoranging

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