Scientific Industries Multi-Purpose Rotator Rotator

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The Thermo Scientific Multi-Purpose Lab Rotator is an optimal solution for rotation of common lab items such as beakers, Petri dishes, microwell plates, culture plates, plastic/glass trays, flasks, test tube racks, and other general lab items of this purpose. This Thermo Rotator can be used in incubators, warm rooms, and environmental chambers. 



Weight: 12 lbs

Platform: 12 x 12 ” (31 x 31 cm)

Speed: 40-220 RPM

Orbit: 3/4 Inch (1.9 cm)

Timer: From 1-60 mins in 1-min intervals or can be set for continuous shaking action.

Power: 120V, 0.4A, 50W, 50/60Hz

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