Scotsman AFE424A-1A Ice Flaker

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  • 25 in. (153cm) wide rotocast plastic model
  • Fits under most 40 in. (101.6cm) counters
  • Mount on adjustable 6 in. (15.2cm) legs
  • Front ventilation
  • Can be serviced completely from the front
  • Durable three-piece gray cabinet is completely removable from front of machine
  • Includes 7 ft. (2.13m) power cord
  • Self-contained unit that produces and stores fresh-flaked ice.
  • Super-compact flake ice machine saves valuable floor space.



  • Model: 60.25 in. Wide flake ice maker
  • No.: S98959
  • Dispenses: Flakes
  • Refrigerant: R-134A
  • Operating Limits [Ambient Temperature Range]: 10° to 37.7°C (50° to 100°F)
  • Temperature [Range]:4° to 37.7°C (40° to 100°F)
  • Voltage Range: 115V (-5%/+10%)
  • Pressure Range: 20 to 120psig
  • Storage: 80 lb. (36kg)
  • Power Consumption: 5.4kWh/100 lb. at 32/21°C (90/70°F)
  • Water [Consumption]:0 gal./100 lb. at 32/21°C (90/70°F)
  • Electrical Requirements: 115V (-5%/+10%), 60Hz, 1 phase, 15A
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 24 x 60.25 x 33 in. (61 x 153.04 x 83.9 or 99cm) (39 in. H min. with supplied 6 in. adjustable legs)
  • Weight [Shipping]: 185 lb. (84kg)

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