Stable Micro Systems TA.XTplusC Analyzers

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A single-column, portable solution for your texture analysis and materials property testing, measuring up to 50kg in force. With a speed range of 0.01 to 40mm/second this extremely precise model can be programmed to conduct almost any mechanical test imaginable, allowing the imitation of real-life situations, using any of our vast range of probes and fixtures. It is also available in both standard and extended heights offering testing apertures of 370 and 590mm, and is consequently the most popular choice for universal texture analysis. 


    • Force capacity: 30
    • Force resolution:  0.1g
    • Loadcells: 0.5, 5, 30, 50kg.f
    • Speed range: 0.01 – 40mm/s
    • Maximum aperture: 370mm/590mm
    • Distance resolution: 0.001mm
    • Data acquisition rate: 2000pps

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