Steris Reliance 400XLS Glassware Washer

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Reliance 400XLS Laboratory Glassware Washers feature a unique universal shelving system. This allow users to easily configure the wash chamber to accommodate components of various sizes simultaneously – maximizing space and reducing the amount of loads needed to process daily requirements.


  • HEPA filtered air to prevent load recontamination
  • Optional process monitoring package to monitor pump pressure, control detergent injection and measure final rinse water quality using conductivity
  • Integrated printer to maintain cycle data records
  • SMART filling system automatically adjusts water consumption based on the accessories in use
  • SMART drying system automatically configures drying time based on load size
  • SMART drying system is equipped with an exchanger that recovers heat from the exhaust
  • Cold water, closed-loop system supports effluent cooling by recovering heat from drained water
  • Unique, single-pass rinse system reduces the number of rinses required to achieve efficient cleaning

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