Systec DX-100 Autoclaves

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This Benchtop Autoclave was specially developed for the special sterilization tasks in the laboratory. Autoclave solids, liquids and waste easily, quickly, safely and reproducibly. Space saving: Compact outside, optimum loading capacity inside for most standard bottles and erlenmeyer flasks.


  • Manufacturer: Systec
  • Transport temperature: Room temperature
  • Autoclaveable at 121°C: No
  • Temperature MAX: 140°C
  • Sterile: No
  • Wide: 850 mm
  • Height: 730 mm
  • Length: 810 mm
  • Depth: 810 mm
  • Application steam sterilization: Sterilization of laboratory vessels/equipment/liquids/Waste disposal
  • Number of programs: 25
  • Display (reading, setting): Digital
  • Operation Via: Membrane Keypad
  • Loading: From the front
  • MAX Operating Pressure: 4 bar abs.
  • DM Chamber: 500 mm
  • Documentation: PC and documentation software
  • Heating capacity: 4500 W
  • Colling with: Water
  • Material chamber: Stainless steel 
  • Model Steam Sterilizer/Autoclave: Systex DX100
  • Useful Height: 500 mm
  • Useful volume: 100 I
  • Space requirement (WxLxH): 85 x 81 x 73 cm
  • Position heating elements: Outside the chamber
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Control sterilization time and pressure: Automatic, Microprocessor controlled
  • Type Steam Sterilizer/ Autoclave: Benchtop Autoclave
  • Type interface: RS485|RS232
  • Type temperature control: PT100

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