TANBead Maelstrom 9610 *NEW* High Throughput Extraction System

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Fully Automated
-Simultaneous processing and purification of DNA/RNA samples.
-Automation of complicated manual steps.
-Independent temperature control modules ensure the stability of purification performance.

Easy Operation
-Intuitive user interface and easy-to-navigate menu.
-Parameters can be fine-tuned based on experimental requirements.
-Other reagent kits that also use magnetic beads to absorb nucleic acid can be used on the Maelstrom 9610.

Simple Installation
-No need for tools – simply power on the instrument, and it is ready to use.
-All extraction programs are pre-loaded. Simply select the program required, follow the simple guide for the appropriate reagent, and the unit is ready to go.

Time Saving
-High-throughput: 96 samples can be processed simultaneously.
-High stirring efficiency with variable speeds. The rotary mixing technology reduces the extraction time by shortening the time for lysis and increasing the chance of the magnetic beads contacting and absorbing nucleic acid.

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