Taylor Wharton CXR500 Cryo Storage Tank

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The Cryo Express (CX) “dry shippers” are designed to safely transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. The unique adsorbent material prevents a liquid spill if the unit is tipped over. Storage temperature inside the shipping chamber remains at approximately -190°C until the liquid nitrogen evaporates from the absorbent material.


  • Static Holding Days: 11
  • Working Time Days: 7
  • Evaporation Rate: 0.64 liters per day
  • Liquid Nitrogen Adsorbed: 7 liters
  • Weight Empty: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg
  • Weight Full: 42.5 lbs. / 19.3 kg
  • Neck Diameter: 8.5″ / 216mm
  • Overall Height: 26.9″ / 693mm
  • Overall Diameter: 15.5″ / 391mm

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