Thermo Scientific 416 Orbital Shaker

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Benchtop Orbital Shakers Model 416 provides the largest platforms for maximum capacity and a better value, a superior balancing mechanism for vibration free shaking, and durable components for long life.




  • Range

25-525 RPM

  • Accuracy


  • Motion  

One inch/orbital

  • Indicator

LCD in 1 RPM increments

  • Timer
  • Periods

Programmable from 5 minutes to 200 hours or continuous operation

  • Indicator

LCD in 5 minute increments

  • Run Time

Display counts down for a timed run or counts up when in a “hold” function

  • Alarms

Run Termination, Tracking high/low RPM, Power Failure Message displayed on LCD screen

  • Automatic Restart

Microprocessor retains all programming in non-volatile memory. In the event of a power outage, the shaker restarts automatically.

  • Dimensions

26 x 25 x10″

  • Platform


  • Power

115v, 50/60 Hz, 1 amp

  • Weight

144 lbs

  • Data Output

RS-232 standard


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