Thermo Scientific TSGP10 Water Bath

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  • Auto-On and Auto-Off: Set a timer in hours and minutes for both a start and finish time. For example, if you want the bath to start in 60 minutes and then turn it off 30 minutes later, set the start time to 1:00 and set the off time to 1:30.
  • Low Fluid Protection: When enabled and the reservoir level nears empty the bath will shut down and, if enabled, the alarm will sound. The controller will also have an error displayed
  • Audible Alarms: Alarms can be set to sound when reservoir level nears empty, your selected (set point) temperature is exceeded, the fixed high temperature maximum is reached (safety feature), as well as general malfunctions.
  • Save up to four preset temperatures to quickly start the bath
  • Adjustable digital over-temperature protection allows you to set a maximum allowable temperature that will trip the alarm
  • Rugged, high performance baths maintain water temperature with precision
  • For use with water or thermal beads (NOTE: Thermal beads will degrade the bath’s uniformity and stability.)
  • Display in either °F or °C
  • Over-temperature safety circuitry prevents thermal runaway
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance with epoxy powder-coated exterior
  • Easily clean the chamber with its seamless stainless-steel interior
  • Advanced microprocessor controller is designed for extended functionality
  • Universal Voltage This bath can be used in the US with a 60Hz standard 120V or dedicated 240V outlet. It can also be used internationally at 50Hz and 230V.

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