Thermo Scientific UXF40086D60 -80 Freezer

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Thermo Scientific Revco UxF Series deliver a range of features including:


More Samples, Less Freezer Footprint: maximize sample storage capacity while minimizing the freezer’s physical space inside the lab

Performance: features an outstanding BTU (British thermal unit) reserve. This leads to fast door recovery times so that sample integrity isn’t compromised

Energy-Efficiency: allow you to save up to 15% in energy usage with the energy-savings mode‡ or choose the high-performance mode for applications requiring ultra-tight temperature uniformity—all through an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface

Sample Storage Capacity: available in five sizes, featuring outstanding capacity per footprint specifications



  • Temperature Range: -122.8°F
  • Holds:400 Boxes
  • Voltage: 208 – 230 V
  • Amperage:’ 12 A
  • Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior: 28.29 x 23.13 x 51.25 in. (71.85 x 58.74 x 130.11 cm)
  • Weight (Metric): 332 kg
  • Shelves: 2
  • Capacity (Metric) Shelf: 73.4 kg
  • Exterior Finish: Painted
  • Includes: Sliding drawer rack
  • Operating Modes: High Performance or Energy Efficiency
  • Warm up Time -80 C to -50C: 225 min.
  • Surface Area (English): 8.46 sq. ft.
  • Depth (English) Interior: 28.29 in.
  • Height (English) Exterior: 78 in.
  • Height (Metric) Exterior: 198.1 cm
  • Width (English) Interior: 23.13 in.
  • Width (English) Exterior: 32.4 in.
  • Depth (English) Exterior: 37.6 in.

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