USA Scientific 110VAC Microcentrifuge

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The USA Scientific 100VAC Microcentrifuge is a compact and versatile laboratory instrument designed for quick and efficient separation of biological samples. Powered by a reliable 100VAC electrical system, this microcentrifuge offers consistent and high-speed performance, allowing researchers to obtain precise results in a short amount of time. The unit features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls for setting the desired speed and time parameters. With its robust construction and advanced safety features, such as lid-locking and imbalance detection, the USA Scientific 100VAC Microcentrifuge ensures secure sample handling and operator protection. The centrifuge accommodates a variety of microcentrifuge tubes and strip tubes, providing flexibility for different experimental needs. Its compact design and quiet operation make it suitable for use in small laboratories or other settings where space and noise are a concern. Whether it’s for routine sample preparation or more complex applications, the USA Scientific 100VAC Microcentrifuge offers reliable performance and convenience for researchers in need of a high-quality centrifugation solution.

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