VWR 1415M Vacuum Oven

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VWR’s double plenum design is energy efficient and promotes great temperature uniformity. The doors on these units have positive latch handles with spring-loaded glass to facilitate a good vacuum seal without hinge binds that shorten the gasket life. A selection of gaskets (for specific applications) and a small benchtop footprint increase the versatility of these ovens. The unique cross-flow ventilation forces inert gas to fill the entire chamber. To achieve required vacuum levels, users can choose from a 3/8″ orifice or the KF25 fitting to withstand heavy use and minimize draw-down time. Maximum permitted end vacuum is 10 μ. Leak rate is 10 μ per hour.
  • This vacuum oven is built with a stainless steel chamber for exceptional durability.
  • PID digital temperature controller
  • Digital vacuum switching gauge
  • KF25 port as standard
  • Independent OTL temperature limiter

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