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Ease conversion to UPLC® technology in your laboratory with the ACQUITY UPLC® 30 cm Column Heater/Cooler (CHC). Run HPLC columns and methods on the ACQUITY UPLC System, and transition your HPLC temperature-controlled HPLC methods to UPLC methods, while preserving current efficiency.

The ACQUITY UPLC 30 cm CHC enables your lab to upgrade your LC instrumentation to the newest chromatographic capabilities, while retaining your current methods until you have the time and resources to fully transition to UPLC.

The design of the 30 cm Column Heater/Cooler makes it particularly convenient for users who are familiar with the popular Alliance® HPLC Column Heater/Cooler, upon which the 30 cm CHC is based.


  • Heating and cooling from 4 to 65 °C
  • Temperature control of up to four HPLC columns with lengths up to 300 mm and internal diameters up to 7.8 mm
  • Columns can be plumbed in series
  • Qualification support with Waters AQT™ and SystemsQT™ products
  • Empower™ and MassLynx™ method and instrument control
  • Customized tubing kit configured exactly for installation on the ACQUITY UPLC system
  • Can be installed on new or existing ACQUITY UPLC Systems

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