Waters HTHC UPLC Column Heater

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When installed on Waters ACQUITY UPLC Systems, the Waters ACQUITY

UPLC High Temperature (HT) Column Heater maintains one column at a

temperature up to 90 ºC (194 ºF). The HT column heater is an assembly that

fits on top of the sample manager and contains the column stabilizer

assembly, the optional column in-line filter unit, and a column.

The HT column heater’s front compartment can accommodate any Waters

ACQUITY column up to 4.6 mm ID and 150 mm long. The column rests in a

U-shaped tray, which swivels outward to any position between 0° and 180°

and can receive the column from either side. Thus, in the 0°, “home”, position,

the tray is directly above the sample manager and below the optical detector,

and in the 180°, “away”, position, you can plumb the HT column heater into a

mass spectrometer (located on the system’s right).

The HT column heater uses an element of insulated film to heat the column

compartment to any temperature between 5 ºC (9 ºF) above ambient and 90 ºC

(194 ºF). A passive column stabilizer and thermal gasket inside the tray

reduce sensitivity to ambient temperature swings and minimize

band spreading.

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