Waters Sample Manager – FTN UPLC Sample Manager

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The Waters Acquity Sample Manager FTN is a cutting-edge laboratory instrument designed for automated sample preparation and injection in liquid chromatography systems. It seamlessly integrates into Waters’ Acquity Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) platforms, enabling efficient and precise sample handling for high-throughput analysis. The Sample Manager FTN features a compact and modular design, allowing for seamless integration into existing laboratory workflows. It offers a large sample capacity with customizable racks, accommodating a wide range of vials, microplates, and sample container formats. The instrument is equipped with a precise and reliable injection system, ensuring accurate and reproducible sample delivery, minimizing carryover, and maximizing data quality. The Sample Manager FTN is operated through an intuitive and user-friendly software interface, enabling easy programming of sample sequences, method selection, and monitoring of instrument status. With its robust performance, versatility, and automation capabilities, the Waters Acquity Sample Manager FTN significantly streamlines laboratory workflows and enhances productivity in chromatographic analysis.

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