Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope

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ZEISS Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope- ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry. Quick and easy to set up,  fully automated and equipped with dedicated quality assurance and quality control components, it’s so simple to operate, even untrained users will produce excellent results. How easy is it? Smartzoom 5 features a macro recording mode to enhance the workflow for repeat sample analyses of the same type in a step-by-step manner.

The Advantages: 

  • Smart Design 
  • Smart Workflow
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Extended Depth of Field and Glare Removal


System Components:

  • Optical Unit: Containing the camera, coaxial reflected light, 10x optical-motorized zoom, and overview camera.
  • Objectives: Connected to the optical unit via a bayonet mount. They contain switchable ringlight and a storage module in which the exact magnification is saved. 
  • Stage: Powered by a stepper motor with integrated controller which makes it possible to move in a reproducible manner to relevant areas of the sample.
  • Stand: Powered by a motorized z-drive for focusing and a swing arm to adjust the viewing angle in relation to the surface of the sample. In addition, the stand contains a second motorized drive to correctly adjust the pivot point in relation to the sample height.
  • Controller: Comprising a dual rotary wheel for controlling zoom, focus, and stage movement: a touch pad for gesture controlling hardware and software: touch display for operating software features; and detachable wireless keyboard.
  • All-in-One PC: Containing the Smartzoom 5 application software and connected to the controller via USB2 and to the stand via USB 3.

Technical Data: 

  • Maximum Resolution: ~ 0.56 µm
  • Maximum Magnification: 2,020 x (with respect to a 17.5” display diagonal and an aspect ratio of 4:3)
  • FWD at Maximum Magnification: 10 mm
  • FOV at Minimum Magnification: 39 mm
  • Image Resolution
      • Standard: 2 megapixel
      • True RGB: 2 megapixel 
      • High Definition: 18 megapixel 
  • Image Format: .czi, Export: .czi, .jpg, .tif, .png
  • Frame Rate Live Image: Up to 30 fps
  • Optical Zoom: 
      • Zoom factor: 10x
      • Zoom range: 0.5x to 5.0x
  • Objectives Data: PlanApo D 0.5×/0.03 (FWD 78 mm); PlanApo D 1.6×/0.1 (FWD 36 mm); PlanApo D 5.0×/0.3 (FWD 30 mm); PlanApo D 10.0×/0.6 (FWD 10 mm)
  • Stand: 
    • Tilting angle (encoded): ±45°
    • Maximum sample height: ~ 120 mm
    • Smallest step size: 0.25 µm
    • Reproducibility: ±10 µm
    • Absolute accuracy: ± 10 µm
    • Passive vibration absorption
  • Illumination: 
      • Coaxial LED reflected light
      • LED ringlight with 4 individual selectable segments
  • Mixed illumination: coaxial and ringlight ( brightness and ratio adjustable)
  • Optional: Polarizer set and diffuser for objectives 0.5x, 1.6x and 5.0x, individual diffuser disk for diffuser
  • Optional: Transmitted illumination Unit (TLU), combination with incident illumination possible
  • Camera:
      • Sensor type: CMOS
      • Sensor size: 1”, 4.2 megapixel
      • Total pixels: 2,048 x 2,048
      • Available pixels: 1,920 x 1,440
      • Effective Pixels: 1,600 x 1,200

Software Concept:

  • User Level: Administrator, Operator
  • Software Modes: Routine examination, free examination
  • Operating System: Windows 10 loT ENterprise 2019 LTSC
  • Magnification Calibration: Factory calibration, Manual calibration
  • White Balance: Factory default, 2 individual manual white balance settings
  • Units: 
    • Metrical (nm, µm, mm)
    • Imperial (nm, mil, inch)


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