Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

We offer an assortment of used and refurbished Robotics ranging from Liquid Handlers, Automatic Pippettors, Plate Shuttle Systems to Microplate Pipetting Workstations. Some of our popular manufacturers include Tecan, Beckman-Coulter, Thermo Forma, Robbins, Qiagen, and Zymark.

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Agilent 1290 Series - G7167B HPLC Multisampler

Agilent 1290 Series - G7167B HPLC Multisampler

Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 20044, 20043, 20041

The Agilent 1290 Infinity Multisampler sets a new benchmark in flexibility. This autosampler can handle both vials and microtiter plates (whether shallow or deep) with ease and efficiency. This compact module has the capacity to house up to 6,144 samples plus the robotics to smoothly inject each into the chromatograph in turn. With Agilent’s unique dual- needle design, cycle time can be as low as just 5 seconds. With the multi- wash capability, you can reduce carryover to less than 10 parts per million. This innovative Multisampler is designed to provide maximum flexibility and scalability.


  • Injection range:1- 20 µL in 0.1 µL increments
  • Precision: Typically (0.15% RSD or SD<10 nL
  • Pressure range: Up to 1200 bar
  • Sample viscosity range:2 – 5 cp
  • Sample capacity:
    • 1H Drawer: Up to 8 drawers and 16 positions Shallow well plates (MTP)
    • 2H Drawer: Up to 4 drawers and 8 positions MTP, deep well plates, vials, Eppendorf
    • 3H Drawer: Up to 2 drawers and 4 positions MTP, deep well plates, vials up to 6 mL, Eppendorf
  • Injection cycle time: <10 s using following standard conditions
    • Default draw speed: 100 µL/min
    • Default eject speed: 400 µL/min
    • Injection Volume: 1 µL
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 ATS-G4P AVL Liquid Handler

ATS-G4P AVL Liquid Handler

Cambridge ID #: 23245

Higher Performance: The ATS can dispense from 96, 384, 1536 & 3456 well plates. Transfer liquid from your choice of source plate into any destination substrate imaginable. Total liquid transfer volumes start as low as 1.0 nL. A wide range of liquids can be transferred by the ATS using any calibration available on the system. The ATS has a lower starting and dead volume than any other automated instrument, delivering high performance while conserving resources and reducing costs.
• Drop sizes: 1 – 20 cP
• Transfer Volumes: 1 nL – 2 µL +
• Density: 0.5 - 2.0 g/cm3
• Accuracy: < 8% CV’s on all dispenses
• Fluid viscosity: 0 – 100 cps
• Fluid Surface Tension: 27 – 72 dynes/cm
• Use a wide range of source and destination well plates
• Low starting and dead volumes

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Zymark Bio Robot RapidPlate Robotic Liquid Handler

Zymark Bio Robot RapidPlate Robotic Liquid Handler

Cambridge ID #: 22441
  • The first product resulting from an alliance between Qiagen and Zymark is the BioRobot RapidPlate, which provides fast and precise liquid handling in 96- and 384-well formats.
  • The BioRobot RapidPlate is ideal for high-throughput liquid handing tasks such as reaction setup, sample rearray, and sample dilution, and is fully compatible with QIAsoft, the BioRobot operating system software.
  • The BioRobot RapidPlate is easily integrated with BioRobot 3000 extended arm workstations.
  • Labware is transferred to and from the BioRobot RapidPlate worktable by the BioRobot 3000 robotic handling system, significantly increasing the throughput capacity of the BioRobot 3000, and providing liquid handling in 384-well formats.
  • Combinations of BioRobot workstations and Zymark Staccato and Twister systems will also be developed and launched to address the growing need for fully integrated, ultra high-throughput solutions within the fields of genomics.
  • This alliance will significantly increase the capacity of BioRobot workstations and associated chemistries to meet the highest levels of throughput used in genomics and drug discovery. It is believed that Qiagen customers within these fields will gain great benefits from the seamless integration of BioRobot workstations, Zymark technologies, and the broad portfolio of Qiagen chemistries.
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    Tecan Freedom EVO 100-2 AIR LIHA Liquid Handler

    Tecan Freedom EVO 100-2 AIR LIHA Liquid Handler

    Cambridge ID #: 21915


    TECAN Freedom EVO 100-2 4 Tip AIR LIHA


    • Tecan EVO 100-2
    • 4 Tip
    • AIR LIHA
    • POSid3, Pick and Place Version 3
    • Includes: PC, Flatscreen, UPS, and Evoware Software
    • Does not include deckware, racks, or tips
    • Leadtime: Up to 3 weeks
    • Warranty: 6 Month Parts and labor
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    Cambridge ID #: 22696

    The HS-A1 Series compact, four-axis SCARA robots offer the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Although these small industrial robots have a compact, space-saving design, they have a large load-handling capability, with a maximum payload of 5 kg. In addition, their large, 0.1 kgm2 maximum allowable moment of inertia enables a wide range of end effectors and applications. 


    • Max Payload: 5 kg
    • Reach: 350-550 mm

    • Cycle Time: 0.35 sec

    • Repeatability: ±0.015/±0.020 mm

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    Tecan MiniPrep 75 Liquid Handler

    Tecan MiniPrep 75 Liquid Handler

    Cambridge ID #: 22443

    The MiniPrep can be equipped to perform repetitive laboratory procedures in a wide range of application areas:

    • Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification ( Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), or Magnetic Bead Separation (MBS) )
    • Mother-Daughter Plate Replication
    • ELISA Assays
    • Immunophenotyping
    • LC Injection
    • Cell-Based Assays and Separations
    • Protein Assays


    • Pipetting Arms: 1 or 2
    • Microplate Capacity Deck: 12
    • Footprint: (W) 815 mm (32.1") x (D) 600 mm (23.6")x (H) 515 mm (20.3")(H does not include Z-rack)
    • Probe Travel Range: (W) 643 mm (25.3") x (D) 300 mm (11.8")x (H) 165 mm (6.5") 
    • Weight: ~46 kg (100 pounds)
    • Input Voltages: Auto-selecting 110/230 VAC +/- 10%
    • Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
    • Maximum Power: 250 Watts
    • 384 Well MTP Support: Yes
    • Diluter 1, 8 Channel: Yes
    • Disposable Tip: Yes
    • LC Injection: Yes
    • Volume Range: 0.5 µL - 25.0 mL
    • Syringe Sizes: 250 µL - 25.0 mL 
    • Accuracy: <1% @ full stroke with 1.0 mL syringe*
    • Precision: <0.05% CV @ full stroke with 1.0 mL syringe*
    • Minimal Detectable Volume: 50 µL of ionic fluid in a 96 well flat bottom standard microplate format. A minimum 1 mm of ionic liquid level height is necessary for reliable liquid detection.
    • Standard Software: Gemini Software for MiniPrep

    *Accuracy and precision values determined using dilute salt solution (0.05 N NaCI). Liquid handling performance will differ depending on fluid type, tip type, tubing configuration and environmental conditions.

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    Matrix PlateMate 2x2 Liquid Handler

    Matrix PlateMate 2x2 Liquid Handler

    Cambridge ID #: 21935


    The Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate is designed for medium to high throughput liquid handling applications, with walk away capability via four integrated stackers and optional Tip Tower accessory. The Matrix PlateMate Plus is compatible with eight interchangeable pipetting heads with a combined volume range of 0.1μl -300μl, making the unit compatible with a wide range of liquid handling tasks. Well suited applications include plate stamping, reformatting and pooling to 384 and 1536, plate filling and serial dilutions in research, screening, and production environments.


    • Length: 52 in/ 1324 mm
    • Depth: 16 in/ 411mm
    • Height:
      • 25 Plate Stackers 29 in/ 721 mm
      • 50 Plate Stackers 41 in/ 1041 mm
    • Weight: 180lbs/ 80kg
    • Power: 50/60Hz, 100~240 V, 100VA
    • Maximum Power Consumption: <150W
    • Operating Conditions: +15°C- 40°C <85% RH at +30°C
    • Interface: RS232c
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    BioTek Precision 2000 Robotic Liquid Handler

    BioTek Precision 2000 Robotic Liquid Handler

    Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 22315, 22316

    The Precision 2000 Automated Microplate Pipetting System is an accurate and precise liquid handling system capable of automating most routine pipetting, dispensing, and diluting applications. Ideal for a flexible and versatile automated system with its small footprint, it has proven to be very capable of low-volume pipetting (1 µl) to accommodate today’s low assay volumes.

    The flexibility and mobility of this system also allows for many of the manual pipetting tasks required for microarray spotting to be automated.

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    Hamilton SAM 908

    Hamilton SAM 908

    Cambridge ID #: 24199

    Automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility, and ease of use in a mid-sized store.
    The SAM is a compact, robust and localized storage system for secure sample management of plates and tubes. Our patented automation not only eliminates freeze-thaw cycles, but also limits any moisture introduction into the system, therefore maintaining the integrity of samples. The system continuously monitors the -20°C / -80°C sample environment, even during picking, ensuring the samples never reach critical sample temperature until only the requested samples are presented for collection.

    Speed - Retrieves Samples in Less Than 70 Seconds: Our patented robotics quickly retrieve 1-D and 2-D barcoded samples.

    Flexible Sample Storage - Each system can store up to three labware types per system, allowing for the utmost flexibility. The SAM is capable of storing microtubes, vials, vacutainers and microplates, as well as any SBS format rack up to 100 mm.

    Sample Tracking / Audit Trail - Our sample management software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to meet the rigorous demands for sample security.
    Security - Users may be granted differing levels of system operation with access restriction to specific sample sets. Sample sets can be physically stored as a group and consolidated or defragmented by implementing pick list housekeeping procedures. Also, we provide a standard UPS and optional LN2 backup in case of any electrical or refrigeration failures.
    SAMple Picker/Puncher - The integrated tube processing module allows for a fast and easy way to cherry-pick or punch desired tubes or vials in a controlled inert environment. Tube types include Abgene, Corning, Greiner, Matrix, Micronic, Nunc and REMP.
    External Magnetic Couplers - Our patented technology allows the internal robotics to be driven by the external magnetic couplers. This technology eliminates any moisture being introduced within the system while maintaining sample quality and increasing system reliability.

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