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Genevac EZ-2 PLUS Sample Concentrator

Genevac EZ-2 PLUS Sample Concentrator

Cambridge ID #: 19750

Genevac designed the EZ-2plus with the specific requirements of lead optimization in mind. Years of experience in solvent evaporation and sample purification allow Genevac to produce a high-efficiency sample concentrator that is high performance, easy to use, very reliable and compatible with almost all commonly used solvents and acids.


The EZ-2 Series is the culmination of an extensive research and development program that draws on the expertise of Genevac’s engineers and the experiences of many scientists in the laboratory. Using the most advanced  proven technology in evaporation science, the EZ-2 Series has been designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research, be that concentration of samples or complete drying. Genevac’s fifteen years of experience in vacuum engineering has resulted in the creation of a compact sample concentrator combining great performance, ease of use greater than a rotary evaporator and compatibility with all commonly used solvents and acids.

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