Agilent 1260 Series – G1311B HPLC Quaternary Pump

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1260 Infinity – G1311B 

The quaternary pump comprises an optional solvent cabinet, a vacuum degasser

 and a four- channel gradient pump. The four- channel gradient 

pump comprises a high- speed proportioning valve and a pump assembly. 

It provides gradient generation by low pressure mixing. A solvent cabinet 

provides enough space for four one- liter bottles. An active seal wash 

(optional) is available when the quaternary pump is used with 

concentrated buffer solution 


  • Hydraulic System: Dual piston in series pump with servo-controlled variable stroke drive, 
  • power transmission by gears and ball screws, floating pistons 
  • Setable Flow Range: Set points 0.001 – 10 mL/min, in 0.001 mL/min increments 
  • Flow Range: 0.2 – 10.0 mL/min 
  • Flow Precision: ≤ 0.07 % RSD, or ≤ 0.02 min SD whatever is greater, based on retention time at constant room temperature 
  • Flow Accuracy: ±1 % or 10 µL/min whatever is greater, pumping degassed H2O at 10 MPa (100 bar) 
  • Pressure Operating Range: Operating range up to 60 MPa (600 bar, 8700 psi) up to 5 mL/min, Operating range up to 20 MPa (200 bar, 2950 psi) up to 10 mL/min 
  • Pressure Pulsation: < 2 % amplitude (typically < 1.3 %), or < 0.3 MPa (3 bar), whatever is greater, at 1 mL/min isopropanol, at all pressures > 1 MPa (10 bar,147 psi) 

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