Applikon Biotech My-Control Controller

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  • Control of all bioprocess parameters (including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, agitation, foam, and level)
  • Selectable autotuning adaptive PID control for accurate control when process conditions change during the culture.
  • Easy operation through web browsers (Windows PC, Apple PC, Linux PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone)
  • Parallel processing is enhanced by allowing up to 32 my-Controllers in one human interface
  • Extended liquid addition options tuned to small-scale cultivation via up to 6 digital variable speed pumps or micro addition valves for extremely accurate microliter volumes
  • Enhanced gas addition strategies via up to 4 mass flow controllers
  • No water connections needed due to electrical cooling and heating system for bioreactor and condenser
  • Expandable control system with optional extra inputs and outputs
  • USB connection for optional balances, Biomass or Fluorophor pH and DO sensors

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