BD Biosciences FacsCanto II – 3 Laser w/ Fluidics Cart. has 3 lasers, colors: blue, red and violet. Flow Cytometer

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The BD FACSCanto system breaks new frontiers in flow cytometry by providing an efficient, easy-to-use yet powerful six-color benchtop analyzer. It incorporates many technology advances first developed in the BD LSR II expandable analyzer and the BD FACSAria cell sorter. It supports a broad range of research applications, being particularly suited for rare event analysis with its high speed, great sensitivity, and minimal sample-to-sample carryover.


The BD FACSCanto system combines a patented optical design for enhanced signal retention on six fluorescent and two scatter parameters, digital electronics for processing up to 10,000 events per second, and a novel sample injection tube supporting carryover of less than 0.1%. Your total benefit consists of the best fluorescence sensitivity to resolve dim events, cleaner data due to minimal sample contamination, and rapid processing rates, preserving valuable time for science. BD FACSCanto performance overcomes obstacles in rare event analysis and in functional studies for low detection ranges.



  • Computer w/ FacsDiva Software
  • Fluids Cart
  • 2 laser, Blue(488) and Red (633)
  • Laser
  • 6 PMTs unit and side scatter
  • All Necessary Cables
  • Manuals


Optics Specifications:

  • Lasers
    • Air-cooled:
    • 488-nm solid state, 20-mW laser output
    • 633-nm HeNe, 17-mW laser output
  • Laser Configuration: Spatially separated beams with 9 x 65-μm elliptical spots
  • Optical Alignment Procedure: Fixed, no operator alignment required
  • Flow Cell: 180 x 430-μm rectangular quartz flow cell
  • Collection Optics: Optical-gel coupled 1.2 NA lens
  • FSC Resolution: 0 μm
  • SSC Resolution: 5 μm
  • Fluorescence Detector Design: Reflective optics with single transmission filter in front of each PMT
  • FSC Detector: Photodiode with 488/10 BP
  • SSC Detector: PMT with 488/10 BP
  • Fluorescence Detectors: 6 PMTs in 4-2 standard configuration
  • Blue Laser Dyes
    • FITC, PE, PerCP or PerCP-Cy™5.5,
    • PE-Cy7 (525, 575, 678 or 695, 785 nm)
  • Red Laser Dyes: APC, APC-Cy7 (660, 785 nm)
  • Detector Bands
    • Blue Laser: 530/30; 585/42; >670; 780/60 nm
    • Red Laser: 660/20; 780/60 nm
  • Fluorescence Threshold Sensitivities: FITC <100 MESF; PE <50 MESF

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