Labnet Multigene Optimax *NEW* PCR / Thermal Cycler

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This simple to program PCR thermal cycler unit is compact in design and built to perform. Programming is intuitive with the large display and multiple pre-programmed templates supplied with unit.


The OptiMax comes with standard built in 2-step, temperature optimization, touchdown and time increment protocols that are easy to adjust to meet your cycling needs. You can select lid temperature or turn it off depending on your needs. The faster ramp rates allow more work to be done in a work day.


Additional Thermal Cycler Product Features:

  • Unique Flexible Programming with FlexTemp™ technology
  • Fast ramp rates 5°C heating / 3.5°C cooling
  • Simple user interface
  • No condensation after overnight cooling at 4°C



  • Sample Capacity: 1 x 96 well plate, 12 8 x 0.2 mL strip tubes, 96 x 0.2 mL tubes
  • Programmable Temperature Range: 4°C to 99.9°C
  • Temperature Control : Calculated or block
  • Temperature Accuracy/Uniformity: ±0.5°C/±0.5°C
  • Heating/cooling method: Peltier
  • Gradient temperature range: 30°C to 99°C. Temperature of 6-segment blocks can be set independently.
  • Maximum Temperature difference between 6-segment temperature blocks: 24°C
  • 6-segment Temperature blocks: 6 temperature blocks in 4 x 4 well format
  • Programmable lid temperature: 60° to 65°C, 100° to 115°C
  • Program memory: 200 complete programs
  • Temp. increments/decrements: Yes
  • Time increments/decrements: Yes
  • User program folders: 50 sets
  • Password protected programs: Yes
  • Communication: USB and RS232 ports
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 24 x 42 x 25 cm
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Electrical: 240V or 120V, 50/60 Hz

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