Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico Cell Imaging System

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The ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is more than a digital microscope, combining high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis. Whether running fluorescence imaging or brightfield assays, the automated imager features a comprehensive portfolio of preconfigured protocols for cell-based assays to shorten the learning curve, so you can start running experiments quickly. With features such as Digital Confocal 2D on-the-fly deconvolution, Autofocus, Live Preview, multi-wavelength cell scoring, and optional IN Carta Image Analysis Software workflow, the ImageXpress Pico offers you the ability to advance your discoveries in a small, affordable imager.


  • Camera: CMOS
  • Field of view 10x: 1.92 mm²
  • Objectives: 2.5x-63x Air
  • Filter changer: ^- position filter cube turret
  • Autofocus: LED+ image autofocus
  • Transmitted light: Yes
  • Brightfield: Yes 
  • Plates supported: Up to 384-well plates
  • Microscope slides: Yes  
  • Robotics/Automation-compatible: Yes
  • Temperature control: Yes 
  • Widefield: Yes 
  • Software: CellReporterXpress
  • O2 control option: Yes
  • CO2 control option: Yes
  • Humidity control option: Yes
  • Maximum Illumination Channels: 6
  • 96-Well Plate Scan Time, 2 Colors, 1 Site/Well:  8 minutes

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