Nikon D-ECLIPSE C1 Confocal System

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  • C1-SHV-3 Scan head and controller
  • Coherent Cube 405-100 laser set
  • Coherent Cube 640-40 laser set
  • Laser mount for 488 nm solid state laser
  • Lambda DG-4 highspeed filter changer
  • LU-4A mounting kit for coherent cube
  • C1 1STDM 405/488/561/640
  • Coherent sapphire 561-20 laser head
  • Coherent sapphire 488-20 laser head
  • Coherent sapphire driver unit
  • LU-4A-4 Base
  • Sapphire 561 top plate
  • Intel pro 100S ethernet CD F/C1
  • Xover connecting cable between PC & Controller 7 FT
  • C1-DU-T Dector Unit T
  • C1-CU-EBD-Dector Board
  • C1-T2 Interlock cable
  • C1 Adapter Set For T1
  • C1-Ras ring adapter S
  • C1-TD transmission detector¬†
  • C1-TD-1 Adapter 1
  • LU4A Laser Module
  • C1 LU-4A Cable Set

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