Nikon TE2000E Inverted Microscope

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The TE2000E is a high precision Z-focus automated model that features 5 output ports and 5-way motorized light path changer. It is ideal for advanced research that requires image capture in 3D, including confocal microscopy and deconvolution processing. The TE2000U is a universal model that comes with 4 output ports as standard, plus an optional fifth user defined position, thereby providing an unprecedented 5-way light path. The U model also features an integrated magnification changer module providing 1x or 1.5x magnification to all ports.



5 Ports

5 light path selections including Phase Contrast, Epi-Fluorescent, DIC and more

Motorized-control adaptability: nosepiece (6-place DIC type), system condenser, epi-fluorescence filter cube switching, epi-fluorescence shutter, DIC analyzer, excitation filter wheel, and barrier filter wheel

CFI60 optical system

Incubator accessory

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