Sanyo MLS-3751L Autoclaves

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Top Loading Lab Sterilizer offers you programmable, high-pressure sterilization that’s easy to use, and mobile for flexibility. This lab sterilizer is compact in design, but with a large chamber that will accommodate up to eight 1 Liter flasks and an adjustable temperature range of between 115-135°C. This microprocessor-controlled autoclave comes with 12 preset programs and lets users add their own protocols, giving them flexibility in areas such as ramp-up, dwell, ramp down, and cool off. This autoclave announces each step of the process with a pre-recorded voice message to keep users informed. In addition to sterilizing functions, this top-loading autoclave has a keep-warm function to prevent solidifying of reagents, media, and other liquids or can be used to melt and keep warm media cultures at a fixed temperature. The Sanyo Autoclave has a low profile design, a swing-up lid for unobstructed access to the chamber, and can be tucked away when not needed.


  • Capacity: 1.8cuft/50L
  • Sterilization Temperature Range: 115-135°C (239-275°F)
  • Keep Warm Temperature Range: 45-60°C (113 to 140°F)
  • Culture Media Melting Temperature: 60-114°C (140 to 237°F)
  • Max pressure: 235 kPa (34.14 psi)
  • Flask Capacity: 8 1L
  • Programs: 12 presets, plus user-defined protocols
  • Dimensions:  19x27x29
  • Weight: 134lbs
  • Power: 120V, 50-60Hz, 1.9kW

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