Stratagene MX3005P Real-Time qPCR System

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  • Computer w/ MxPro QPCR Software
  • Four channels with customizable filters for multiplex up to 4 simultaneous targets
  • Open platform supports all fluorescent chemistries
  • 96 Well Block


The Mx3000P real-time PCR system is a fully integrated real-time PCR detection system. The system includes a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, a quartz-tungsten halogen lamp to excite fluorescence, a photomultiplier tube for high-sensitivity detection, and real-time quantitative detection and analysis software. With the Mx3000P real-time PCR system, monitoring PCR in real time is fast, easy, and reliable. The Mx3000P system has an open format that allows closed-tube real-time PCR detection with many detection chemistries including SYBR® Green dye and fluorogenic probe systems. The Mx3000P system supports both real-time and plate-read experiments.

The software features a variety of specific experiment types with customized plate setup, thermal profile setup, and analysis screens that streamline the process of collecting and analyzing data for specific applications. Some of the features that differentiate the Mx3000P real-time PCR system from other real-time detection instruments include the following:


  • View and analyze data in multiple formats, including: amplification plots, scatter plots, sample value screens that display all dyes for the entire plate, fluorescence intensity screens, final call results, melting curves, annealing range and text reports
  • Enhanced analysis algorithms, including adaptive baseline, to improve results and reduce the need for manual adjustments
  • Melting curve analysis for Molecular Beacon confirmation with automatic melting temperature (Tm) calculation
  • Ability to plot individual dyes and wells from an experiment without exporting data
  • Real-time amplification plots can be viewed and results analyzed during PCR run
  • All results available as raw data

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