Waters 2489 HPLC UV/VIS Detector

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The 2489 UV/Vis Detector is the most sensitive and versatile dual-wavelength absorbance detector available for HPLC, with a design that combines a high energy Deuterium source, a precise optical design, and low-noise, high-speed electronics. These advanced capabilities take UV/Vis detection performance to a new level.


  • Enhanced sensitivity via patented TaperSlit flow cell, which channels light through the cell for better energy throughput while minimizing RI effects
  • Low noise performance (<5 µAU)
  • Lamp optimization for the best s/n performance over the lifetime of a Deuterium lamp
  • Flexible sampling rates, from 1 to 80 Hz, for normal and fast LC separations
  • Independent optimization of sampling rates and filter time constants gives you the ability to tune your detector to your separation goals
  • Enhanced thermal wander management reduces baseline wander due to fluctuations caused by ambient conditions
  • Flow cell options to match your separation scale and type
  • Accessible detector components for easy operation and maintenance

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