Waters Acquity H Class QSM UPLC Quaternary Solvent Manager

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  • A gradient proportioning valve. to dynamically blend solvents any specified combination.
  • An integrated degasser that operates up to the maximum flow rate, with an independent channel for each solvent and an additional channel to accommodate the sample manager – flow through needle (SM-FTN) purge solvent.
  • An automatic, programmable, seal wash. The pump’s Wash Plungers function prevents the build-up of precipitates on the pump plungers by washing them with seal wash solvent at user-specified intervals.
  • An electronically controlled Intelligent Intake Valve, to speed system priming and reduce startup times. The Intelligent Intake Valve minimizes solvent flow disturbances in the inlet lines by closely synchronizing the valve performance with pump operation.
  • A vent valve that automatically switches to waste for priming and rapid solvent changeover.

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