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Thermo Cellomics CellInsight Gel Imaging SystemImage Coming Soon

Thermo Cellomics CellInsight Gel Imaging System

Cambridge ID #: 10067


High-content screening (HCS) or high-content analysis (HCA) requires an instrument designed to extract the maximum information from your sample in a robust and reproducible manner with the speed for high-throughput analysis. The entire Thermo Scientific portfolio of HCA instruments helps deliver on those parameters and includes:

  • Superior illumination—the LED light engine reduces intensity fluctuations and optical component wear, eliminates moving parts, and reduces both integration and channel switching times
  • Rapid data analysis—Thermo Scientific HCS Studio software analyzes your images in real time, so that you collect all the data you need to make decisions that count
  • Reagent compatibility—Thermo Scientific HCS platforms build on the expertise of Molecular Probes in reagent development with exquisite fluorescent tools for interrogating the biology of the cell


  • Camera: Photometrics X1 Camera with 4.54um/pixel
  • Live cell: Optional HCA On-Stage Incubator with Kinetic scheduling of acquisition
  • Software: HCA Studio 3.1 Cell Analysis Software. Optional client software available
  • Database: STORE Express Image and Database Management Software Included, Scalable SQL/Oracle database options available
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