Used Lab Equipment

Used Lab Equipment

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Zymark Bio Robot RapidPlate Robotic Liquid Handler

Zymark Bio Robot RapidPlate Robotic Liquid Handler

Cambridge ID #: 22441
  • The first product resulting from an alliance between Qiagen and Zymark is the BioRobot RapidPlate, which provides fast and precise liquid handling in 96- and 384-well formats.
  • The BioRobot RapidPlate is ideal for high-throughput liquid handing tasks such as reaction setup, sample rearray, and sample dilution, and is fully compatible with QIAsoft, the BioRobot operating system software.
  • The BioRobot RapidPlate is easily integrated with BioRobot 3000 extended arm workstations.
  • Labware is transferred to and from the BioRobot RapidPlate worktable by the BioRobot 3000 robotic handling system, significantly increasing the throughput capacity of the BioRobot 3000, and providing liquid handling in 384-well formats.
  • Combinations of BioRobot workstations and Zymark Staccato and Twister systems will also be developed and launched to address the growing need for fully integrated, ultra high-throughput solutions within the fields of genomics.
  • This alliance will significantly increase the capacity of BioRobot workstations and associated chemistries to meet the highest levels of throughput used in genomics and drug discovery. It is believed that Qiagen customers within these fields will gain great benefits from the seamless integration of BioRobot workstations, Zymark technologies, and the broad portfolio of Qiagen chemistries.
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    Zymark TurboVap 96 Concentration Evaporator

    Zymark TurboVap 96 Concentration Evaporator

    Cambridge ID #: 14611


    • Microprocessor controlled evaporation system for simultaneous, automated concentration of multiple samples with unattended operation, convenience and speed.
    • Can accommodate one or two 96-well microplates aor deepwell plates.



    • Power requirements: 100/120V, 50/60 Hz, 10Amps, 220/240V, 50/60 Hz, 5Amps
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 24" x 12" x 12"
    • Capacity: 2 standard 96 well microplates or deep-well plates
    • Format: 8 x 12 well microplates and deep-well plates
    • Gas flow: 0-90SCFH
    • Minimum operating pressure: 70 PSI
    • Exhaust: 25 CFM blower
    • Temperature range: Ambient to 80°C
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